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Women's Slim Waist Smart Fitness Equipment

Product specifications:

  • Featuring 360-degree rotating massage rings and shock-absorbing grooves ensure the hoop never falls off. Easy enough to use even for beginners compared to traditional hula hoops.
  • A 30-minute hula hoop session provides calorie-burning results similar to other types of exercise, such as 1 hour of running, 3 hours of yoga, 50 minutes of cycling, 30 minutes of swimming, and 300 times of sit-ups.
  • Whether at home or outdoors, this smart hoop is designed for exercise anytime, anywhere. It takes up less space than traditional hoops, which is perfect for taking anywhere. No time to exercise? The smart hoop is for you. Suitable for all women, office workers, and students.
  • This hoop fits perfectly on all waist sizes from 33 to 52 inches. Detachable knots allow you to extend the hoop up to 52 inches. Trim your waistline without torturing your hips, you'll never get bruised during workouts.
  • Featuring 3 flexible scrolls to ensure smooth and consistent 360-degree rotation, preventing the hoop from falling off. Also comes with an easy-to-use safety double-lock design to ensure safety when using the smart hoop, making it suitable for any size and keeping the smart hoop constantly rotating.